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We began our journey with miniatures in 2007 with the purchase of Flicka for $500 with an old wagon and blanket thrown in. Supposedly she was to entertain the grandchildren for that summer. We became quite charmed and fascinated with her and all that she could do. I guess that all of you miniature friends know what happened from there.

We took on a gelding free lease for my cousin to drive and then decided it would be fun to have babies. So we purchased a pregnant mare and a stallion. The mare foaled and we decided right away that we wanted more . With my experience in animal husbandry from having a dairy herd all my life on the farm that had been in my family since 1779 (my great, great, great, great, great grandfather settled here after the Revolutionary war), I knew I needed to purchase registered animals with good pedigrees. So I started surfing the net looking for something that caught my eye . After a few evenings I got brave and sent an e-mail to a lady in Arizona. Elizabeth Dales at iamranch.com, had a black and white mare bred to a black and white stallion. I explained to her who I was and what I was interested in. I knew I wanted pintos and maybe the black and white color preference was from having holstein cows for 40 years. She had a wonderful website and we visited it every day anxiously awaiting the birth of her six babies that were due that spring.

Mini We became fast friends with her, sending emails back and forth constantly. In November of 2008 I found myself sitting behind the wheel with my GPS lady on the dash and my dog Lassie on the seat beside me heading for Waddell, Arizona to get three weanlings. I had the time of my life, met a wonderful family, and came back with 3 nice horses. So was the start of Roundabout Farm Miniatures. Since then I have purchased some nice horses from Tiz Miniatures in New Hampshire to make up my foundation stock of brood mares.

The miniature horse is so versatile and intelligent and just so loveable that I have decided that I want to do all I can to promote the breed. We presently do birthday parties parades family reunions and most any festivity where the minis fit in. We train horses to drive and we usually train 6 to 10 horses every year. We breed, buy and sell and try to place horses in homes that will love and use them. We have some pretty enviable pedigrees and we are now getting offspring that can be shown as well as just to have fun with.

One of the things that was on my bucket list was to drive a six horse hitch. Check it out on our team page. We are presently driving a 4 horse hitch team on a regular basis in local parades. I am enjoying retirement and never knew it would be this much fun. I hope you enjoy roaming thru our site. - Philip Trundy

Trails at Roundabout

As I drive my horses in the woods and fields here at Roundabout Farm I can sense the contentment they have exploring new areas and meeting new challenges. The more I drive them the more they learn to trust me. We are holding trail drives here as often as we can for you to bring your horse and enjoy. We have over ten miles of awesome trails and are working to make more and improve the ones we have. Keep checking back to see when the drives are scheduled or feel free to call (207) 336-2086.

The trails are here and free for you to use at any time. A lot of our trails border the Nezinscot River with gorgeous views. Some also have fantastic views of the Oxford Hills and Streaked and Black mountain areas. If there is enough interest I would like to schedule some drives in the West Forks area or the Bar Harbor area in the near future. Remember, just give us a call and ask for Phil.



Book us today for your party. Always a hit with the kids (and adults!)

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Come have pictures of your children or grandchildren taken with the alpaca or minis! 4 dollars a shot or all you want for $30.00!

Photo shoot at Roundabout Farms. Courtesy of CG Photos

Photo shoot at Roundabout Farm with Alpaca









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